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"A Simple Solution to a Major Problem"
Thousands of dollars are lost each year due to damage from water.  With the use of the Flood Buster you are notified of any disaster that could result in costly damage to goods, equipment, or property.  The Flood Buster is a wireless portable alarm that comes completely consumer ready!

Simply place in the area to be monitored.  When a film of water forms a bridge between the two contact points, the alarm is sounded.  The Flood Buster will even float under severe flooding conditions and is water-tight.

Use where there is a possibility of flooding and prompt notification is a must:
      • Laundry rooms
      • Washing Machines
      • Storage areas
      • Drain areas
      • Basements and attics
      • Hot water heaters
      • Computer rooms
      • Air conditioning units
      • Elevator shafts
      • Toilets
      • Sump Pumps

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Floodbuster FB90
Price: $29.95
Floodbuster FB90
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